Saturday, August 15, 2009

If I Use Blue Corn, What Color Cornbread Will I get?

Purple, of course!
Here's our beautifully feminine colored cornbread batter, and the finished product. I got an order of bulk food from Frankferd Farm in Pennsylvania, including blue corn. I used my handy-dandy Vitamix to grind it. And we stirred up a delicious pan of cornbread.
This tastes so much different from store bought cornmeal. It's like the difference between store bought and garden fresh with a tomato.
We'll make up some cornmeal mush to eat with maple syrup for breakfast, then start grinding our Prairie Gold wheat for the rest of our baked goods.
I've got some 5 gallon buckets for storage, and am just about to order Gamma lids to keep them tightly sealed.
What fun! And to think, I could have done all this back in Y2K, but my kids were little, and I didn't have time to care that the world was about to end.

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