Friday, April 9, 2010

Brand New Guitar

Last week, I saw a guitar for sale at the local farm supply store. (Who needs civilization when you can get soccer apparel, musical instruments, baby poultry, and rhubarb all at one convenient location?)
I mentioned my find to my guitar playing doctor, and he told me it was over priced. He said he had bought his son a guitar for half that price. I asked where, and he told me Baine's book store in Appomattox. I said I didn't know the book store carried guitars, so he explained that they took it down from the wall and sold it to him.
Today, as I was passing Baine's, I stopped in to inquire about half priced guitars hanging on the wall, feeling that perhaps my doctor is unscrupulous and was playing a practical joke on me.
But I'm happy to report that his character is in line with what you'd expect in a country doctor, and I'm now the proud owner of a guitar whose former residence was the wall at Baine's books.
This is a video about 5 minutes after opening it. I think someone is a natural!

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