Thursday, April 15, 2010

Redneck Lawnmower

If you're on Facebook with me, you've heard me whining about my two broken lawnmowers. When I went out to start fixing them I had an idea. I'll use my hungry Dexters (I didn't get hay because my truck is blocked by the van with the flat tire whose lugnuts I can't loosen, and besides, the truck has a dead battery)as lawn mowers.
Mr. B is always too skinny this time of year, so his help was enlisted as well.
They're actually mowing pretty fast!


  1. that is good to see. not just anyone can have that type of lawn mower.

  2. Tight lugnuts drive me crazy. I wish mechanics would set their torque wrenches or whatever they use so they tighten only enough for us weaklings to untighten. Oh, for the olden days!

  3. Great lawnmowers!
    Loosen the lugnuts before you jack the car up. Stand on the lug wrench.