Saturday, August 18, 2012

Neighborhood House Fire

Bruno, my favorite Pit Bull, is living with us after having been displaced by a house fire. Tuesday night our neighbor was home alone when her house caught on fire and burnt to the ground. Laura happened to be feeding the dogs, heard her screams for help, and called 911. Every engine from three communities responded. I had been deciding whether to post about it, and decided to do it for a few reasons. Maybe you'll be more fire safety-conscious after seeing this, you may check on your insurance information to be sure you're covered properly, and hopefully you'll appreciate the every day blessings of life without a big fire to interrupt it. We had been playing happily with Devin on Monday, not a care in the world, admiring his new Nikes. Now, we're all in shock at what Tuesday night's fire has done to our tranquil lives. All the humans were fine. One beloved dog was killed. Every material possession was lost. Insurance will replace the house. People have already clothed the family. It was unspeakably terrifying.


  1. I think any time we are reminded that our lives are so little in our own control is terrifying. As pointed out, we do what we can: we have insurance, we try to practice fire safety, we care for the most important relationships in lives, and we go on. It only takes one moment to alter our lives forever. Draw close to God--the best prescription for true safety. Hug your girls extra hard, Miss Molly.

  2. Please tell Devin and his family that they are in our thoughts. I am glad everyone (and Bruno) made it out alive. How devastating for them.

  3. I'm so sorry for this family. I can't grasp the gravity of this kind of devastation. It's too ...........I don't know what.

    I hope they can heal quickly with the help of friends like the Griffiths. Your family is awesome, Mollie