Monday, August 13, 2012

To Trap or Not To Trap

I have mice in my kitchen. I know I must kill them so they don't make more mice, and more mice, and more mice, until we're overrun by them. But I cannot. I've bought traps. Heck, I've even opened the package of traps and read directions for securing the lethal rodent guillotine. But then I think of this happy little fellow, going about his business, which apparently consists simply of pooping in my oven and having a large family, and I think how sad it would be if his multitude of children lost their provider. Then I put the traps away. Laura took this guy way out into the woods after we used him to entertain us by scaring the cat. (No mice were harmed in the cat torturing session.) Maybe Danny will set traps and empty them when he gets home.


  1. I feel the same way. Our little "guy" (I'll pretend it's been just one) makes his rounds from the corner of the kitchen, under the table for Charlie crumbs and over to the laundry room dirty washcloths for more Charlie crumbs every evening. Everyone around here uses poison. We deciphered all the Dutch words for "poison" all over the stuff we bought, and we haven't done anything since.

  2. They make humane traps for mice. How 'bout this one
    There are lots of different ones though. We have 3 living in an empty wardrobe and have left them there for weeks. They just stare at us.

  3. Me big brave brown mouse hunter. Me take him and chop,chop! Not really, but I think I sounded kind of scary. What are we paying that cat for.