Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jersey? Sure!

Becky and I just happened to scroll down the Craigslist "farm and garden" ads today, and there just happened to be an ad for a Jersey cow with two calves at her side.

I called the number, I asked the questions, I headed out.

We instantly fell in love with the momma cow, and her son, and the orphaned heifer who nurses from her.

We swiftly paid for them and arranged their transportation home.
By the time we stopped at the feed store to pick up some Cydectin pour-on wormer for cattle and got back to the house, they were pulling into their new home.

If you're used to dealing with Craigslist, you know that the people you meet up with are good old salt-of-the-earth types. I particularly liked these cowboys and completely trusted them.

Imagine my surprise when we opened the trailer and there were absolutely no calves inside!

After my initial gasp of horror and disbelief, the man walked to the back wall and PHEW! opened it up to reveal two fuzzy babies inside a very secret compartment.

Penny is happy to have new friends. I hope to have an update about milking the new cow pretty soon.


  1. I grew up going to the Jersey shore. I think I should own a Jersey, don't you? What are you gonna do with them all? I'm sure Penny is happy to have like company and not just cats and humans. And pigs and......

  2. Lol, you need a Jersey.
    It's only fair that we should sell you one of ours.

    But nobody ever said life is fair.

    We simply had to have them because they were a bargain. I think we'll try to milk momma and raise up heifer to breed and milk, and eat the bull calf.

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  4. I love her horns. She looks ready to do battle, should the need arise. By the way, I tried to comment with my condolences for your dear Tom Kitten, but ran into some internet trouble. We lost two cats, most likely in the same manner, though the offending dog was only with us for a year (she was the pet of a deceased person and we offered to take her not realizing how incompatible greyhounds are to farm life and we returned her to the adopting agency). I have two new dogs, they are about a year old now, and they would probably do the same thing. We are very careful to never let them out to play together, though sometimes they escape! The rascals! New goal: fenced in area off the back door for the rambunctious pups. So sorry for Becky. It is doubly hard to lose an animal that you are especially bonded to.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I just saw this comment, darn email notification. It's good to know someone understands, and sad that it happens.