Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Buzz

Here are the newest livestock on Providence Farm.

Dan and I picked up one package of bees on Saturday, and in our typical last minute fashion I stayed home from soccer to frantically build their frames and get the queen installed in her new home.

They've already slurped up a pint of sugar water and are bringing in pollen on their little legs.

I'll check the queen's cage tomorrow and make sure that they've freed her and that all is well inside their hive, then my work is done.


  1. Although I am going to ask it in a silly way, I want a serious answer: How do the bees free the queen? Do they go in with tiny bolt cutters or hacksaws? Is she is a wax cage and they chew through the 'bars'? Yes, I could look it up for myself but it's so much more fun to have you tell me. :O)

    1. She's in a wooden and wire cage stopped with candy at the top. They chew through the candy to make a hole for her to come through.
      Except mine didn't.
      So I had to pry her loose yesterday.
      Hopefully they've learned each others' smells and will all be one big happy family now.

    2. Made you answer a post! HA! On a less insane note, thanks for the explanation.