Saturday, April 6, 2013

Peaceful Evening, Finally

I took this photo of Becky's dairy cows while I was enjoying nature in springlike weather for a change.
Penny loves the new cow and her calves.
I wormed all four cows and put them in the yard for extra abundant and delicious grass on the day we got the new ones. Penny's milk production has gone up substantially. I don't know if it's equally because of better grass, worming, or company, or some combination thereof, but I'm glad it's plentiful and tasty!

It was good to smell the planted pines and hear the cows tearing up grass and chewing.
I wish you could all experience it.


  1. Cows are rather lovely creatures, which always seems to surprise me. Your cows are particularly pretty. I'm glad you're so happy with the new additions.

    1. Jerseys and other old-fashioned dairy cows are always so pretty.
      I like them so much because I'm not the one doing the work involved in milking them!
      I hope you're having fun :)