Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Answer to Menu Planning Mondays

My cousin, http://bandsp.blogspot.com/, is a gifted and hard working keeper of her home. And her blog is full of wonderful advice about how to excel at being the keeper of your home. But somehow, it doesn't rub off when I read it.
I'm thinking of making up new blog ideas for Christian women who haven't quite gotten the hang of this homemaking thingy.
Perhaps this photo could illustrate "ADHD Tuesday."
This is the tea that I've microwaved a total of 7 times, trying to find time to put in my sugar and milk.
The cookie dough looks all homeschooly, doesn't it? I didn't make it. My daughters have to make their own cut out Christmas cookies if they want any.
So if anyone wants to follow the blog of a homemaker who flies by the seat of her pants all day, every day, Providence Farm is for you.


  1. I find my coffee cup all over the house, sometimes days later. I've also heated up a cup many times till it just doesn't taste good anymore. Oh well, we just have busy minds, that's all. That's what I tell myself anyway.