Monday, December 21, 2009


Here are five batches of goat milk soap.
All made from the same recipe.
On the same day.
But the batch of Christmas Memories (center, dark green, wet looking)separated, with normal seeming soap on the bottom and two inches of oil floating on top.
If any soapers or scientists read this and know what could have happened, please comment!
The good news is the rest of the soap looks promising. I procrastinated so horribly on some orders that I had to heat the soap in the oven to ensure it will cure this week!
From the top right, counterclockwise: Energy, Southern Gentleman,Christmas Memories, Dragon's Blood, and naturally colored pure lavender oil Lavender (yes, it looks brown, it'll be a naturally tan soap after it cools.)

Tomorrow, I make another five batches.
The line up is: Rasberry Violet, English Rose, Gingerfish, Jasmine Dreams, and Fresh Snow.

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  1. Can we put our order in? We would like Gingerfish, Raspberry Violet and Fresh Snow. I will trade you for some home made granola and canned jam. Yes, I know we Californians like our granola. I just finished a big batch. We miss you all. Thanks for the pics of snowflake.