Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tonight's Sleeping Arrangements

The dogs were having a bark fest this evening, so Dan went to incarcerate them in the van, so we can sleep peacefully while the bobcat or whatever's out there eats our livestock.
Snowflake doesn't do cars, so she ran inside.
Here's what I found on my way to bed.
Laura's on a mattress on the floor because that's what we did Christmas Eve for Spinster's sleep over. Snowflake is also on the mattress on the floor.
Sirius Black is about to sleep with Laura, as per usual, but decides, on second thought, to go up with Katie and her new toy horse, Oreo.
Katie's the victim of a hot toddy in this photo. She had a persistent dry cough that made it impossible to sleep.
The hot toddy made it impossible not to sleep.

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  1. How cute! At leat Katie and Snowflake slept soundly :).