Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here's a view of all sorts of animals on Providence Farm. Like the humans, they're just sitting or standing around.
We're all waiting for spring!
The days are often gray this winter. It seems like we're perpetually in some part of the cycle of: getting ready for a storm, watching a storm, cleaning up after a storm, repeat.
I have a copy of the garden catalog. You would think that would cheer me along. But when I see it, I think of how hard and hot the work will be, weeding and harvesting and canning in August.
Is winter the dues we agrarians pay for being the ones who get to feel so fully the joy of a newborn goat, or the smell of grass growing in spring, or the satisfaction of beef and milk and eggs and garden vegetables all coming to fruition after a long season of dormancy?


  1. it's very blah in the suburbs, too.

    Moose is a handsome fellow.

  2. Winter is dream time. It is a blessed down time from all the frenzy of the rest of the year in which we can reflect on what went well, what we might change for the future. It is seed catalog time, to mentally plant each crop, each flower and see how it grows in the fertile soil of our mind. At least that's what I tell myself as I crack the ice out of the buckets and waterers....:}