Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Week

I was hesitant to publish what a good week I've had. I felt somehow like I'd be jinxing myself. But if Laura at Good Enough Farm can blog her good day and make me feel warm and fuzzy, I will try to make you feel the same with my good week.

While Danny was at home I got taken on not one, but two, dates. It's been a relief to have daughters old enough not only to babysit themselves, but also to take an active role in the farm and home.
Said daughters have cooked many a dinner and dessert in the past week, all delicious.
School has been going well.
The girls are taking guitar and piano lessons, starting yesterday.

Around the farm, we've sold two whole beeves to friends and family members, which offset the cost of hay substantially.
Two goat kids went to a good home on New Year's Eve.
The ram may possibly be getting sold at the end of the week.
Our good friend from whom we buy hay will be buying some goats from me.
I Craigslisted 5 old stew hens today, and within minutes, a lady called to claim them- as pets, no less! So we don't even have to suffer the grief that goes along with them being eaten.
And what, you may be asking, does all this have to do with the filthy farm fresh eggs in the photo?
Ah, the best part of the week. The chickens are laying at last! Except... that's mostly due to the expensive use of the heat lamp. And a hen, who's identity has so far escaped detection, is eating some eggs.
But still, eggs!
I'm going to get some wooden or ceramic eggs to put into the nest boxes and also feed the layers some oyster shell. Maybe that'll be enough to stop the egg eater.
I hope next week goes as well as this one has.


  1. Well, you have had a good week, haven't you? Busy little farm wife, you!

  2. Sounds like a good week to me. Have you been having babies without posting pictures?
    My chickens still aren't laying. I'm getting one or 2 a day from 10 hens. I haven't put a light in with them though.