Saturday, January 22, 2011

Never Mind

I grabbed my trusty Yoplait container and fortunately a wash bucket for udders, and headed down to the barn right after the sun peeped out and the wind stopped making a spooky howling sound through my back door.
I hadn't milked goats for a really long time, which was evidenced by the way I squirted some on my jeans and up my arm.
The last goat we milked was Tillie, and Becky did all the milking with her.
Tuscany and Merope are historically my best milkers, but for some reason when Danny took their kids to wean them last night, I didn't expect much milk today.
I was wrong!
They gave over a quart between them, which isn't bad for Nigerians.
I also checked the coop and brought up seven more eggs.
So never mind all the whining about farming's no fun.


  1. Love the picture and the story! It's what makes everything worth while!

  2. I wish I was getting more milk and eggs now. I didn't get even one egg today and only a cup of milk.
    We're going to starve to death. Ok, maybe not.