Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here are Laura's Golden Comet pullet chicks.
They live in Azkabantam, a little chicken coop which Big Dan built for the yard. It's on skids, so it can be moved with the tractor.
There's a little yard for the hens to run in.
Hopefully having been brought up in captivity will help them to be content not to free range.
When chicks are brought up wild and free by a mother hen, they don't appreciate being penned.
So far all 16 chicks are alive and well.
Five more weeks of heat lamp before they're completely capable of dealing with the cold.


  1. Love the name of the coop. Will they be going to Hogwarts when they mature?

  2. I found out three of my young hens were roosters yesterday so I have been dreaming of a chick purchase to get more females. Leghorns and RIR's were high on the list, but I forgot how delightful the Golden Comets are. Who do you order from?

    1. I got them from Mt. Healthy.
      My first time with them, and I like them.