Friday, October 12, 2012

Tree Kittens

I love these little folks!
Gooseberry is the littler one with out a white nose, and with greener eyes.
She's a type A kitty who only lets you hold her if she's ready for a nap.
Tom is a mellow sweet heart.
When they're asleep, I resort to looking at my blog pictures of them.
My niece and nephew like to see pictures, so that gives me an excuse to add more.
Yesterday's foray into the wilderness resulted in an introduction of the kitties to an inquisitive squirrel.
Lottie moves so fast I couldn't get a good shot.
Trust me, it was cute.
These little peaceable kingdom moments that go against nature make me glad to have a glimpse into the Eden that we were meant for.


  1. They are adorable!

  2. Cute kitties. Do you think you could capture some video of Lottie? I miss her.

  3. Tree kittens? I only see two. - Mrs. C