Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Can't Have Just One

The top three photos show our new(est) kitten, Tom!
After I picked up little Gooseberry with the intention of keeping her outdoors eventually, I very quickly realized that I would never go through with my evil plan good intentions.
But upon further consideration, I knew I really wanted my next cat to NOT be indoors like Sirius and Debbie. So I decided to look for a wilderness adventure buddy for her.
I had determined I wanted a kitten her age, a boy, who is gray and white, like Gooseberry.
This kitty was in the one litter I found on Craigslist.
When I called, the lady said there was only one kitten left. Phew, that made it so I could keep my precious Gooseberry inside with me forever, knowing I had given the second kitten idea a whirl.
The one kitten was this little fellow.
Already they're getting as thick as thieves.
I'm sure that as soon as the big cats give up their plans to assassinate these little folks, I'll feel comfortable moving them to the shed right near the house.


  1. Maybe you should name the next cats Pringles and Lays :). Since, you can't have just one. Is this auntie spinstie's blog?

    1. Seriously! Next I'll be buying a big haunted house...

  2. By the way, the kids are loving the cat pics. They have been after us to get another cat. The girl say's she knows where Gooseberry came from (we liked reading that book).

    1. I love that the cousins have mutual book experiences : )

  3. I did the same thing with puppies a few weeks ago, only mine are siblings. At least they are around six months old and past most puppy insanity. Congratulations!