Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall, Finally

Isn't this a cozy sight?
I wanted to share with you the feeling of being out in the chilly fog, and looking onto the warmth of the light shining out from the windows.
A camera can't do the job thoroughly though.
I went out to bush hog after the cold front had blasted through, leaving in its wake a dense fog that was spooky as all get out.
I mowed around the trails, alone, very far from the safe and comfy house.
The vegetation had grown to a shocking height since summer, so it was extra scary expecting a bear to jump out from behind any number of cedar trees.
At one point I even imagined a pack of coyotes throwing caution to the wind and attacking the tractor. But that pack turned out to be just Snowflake and her cohorts taking a shortcut through the woods to surprise me.
With the cold, the fog, and the early darkness, I could feel that fall has moved in.


  1. Mrs. G, your writing is very descriptive lately! Are you sure you're not letting the girls write your stuff? :O)

  2. suffering from bush hog (and forested property) envy.