Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calf Crib

Here's the calf's playpen.
He's on the front porch in a wind-proof corner, with a tarp around three sides and the top. The hay keeps him warm, as do the T-shirt and Becky's windbreaker coat.
Snowflake was in a big hurry to make friends with him.
He downed his second bottle tonight.
After tomorrow morning, if he's still thriving, I'll have no worries about him.
Those first 24 hours, whether dam-raised or bottle-fed, are the toughest.


  1. beautiful baby. - Mrs. C

  2. I was looking at ads on Craigslist today for jersey heifers. STOP IT, KAREN! YOU DON'T NEED A JERSEY JUST BECAUSE MOLLIE AND HER FAMILY HAVE ONE. Sure, you guys inspire me but must you feed my addiction?

    1. Yes. I must.
      Having a Jersey is awesome : )