Monday, February 4, 2013

Like Spring

The calf is drinking up healthy colostrum by the half gallon, and feeling fine.
Laura's new hens started laying luxurious dark brown eggs yesterday.
The bitter cold is over for now, and the days, at least, are warming back up.
Now I can believe that spring will come.
Off to order seeds...


  1. What kind of hens lay such dark eggs?

    1. Golden Comets.
      Although I'm suspecting them of being Cuckoo Marans in disguise ; )
      I'm very pleased with their color.

    2. I've got five Golden Comets coming of age soon. If I get glorious eggs like that it will be well worth the wait.

    3. Amen, sista.
      These girls were born on Sept. 19th.
      Only two have laid so far, but I'm guessing it'll be soon that the floodgates open.
      They're working out well so far!

  2. Oh, how cool! Awhile back I read about someone who bred chickens that lay olive eggs:
    I want all of these, because I ADORE eggs of different colors. It's as if my Ameracaunas aren't enough, now that I know there are others out there. I also want some Silver Sebrights. They are just gorgeous, tiny little things! Ah, my farm fantasies overrun my capacity. ;)