Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surprise Snow Edition

The weatherman said he was scared that a small band of snow showers could hit a localized area.
We are that area.
It poured beautiful snow all day long.
If the temperature had been below freezing, I'm sure that the snow would be well over a foot deep.
However, it stayed warm all day, until nightfall, when the temperature went to freezing, and the glorious snow started to stick in earnest.
I was out in the field with the horses and dogs for less than an hour and got an accumulation of about an inch on my head.
We have about 6" most places. Some deeper, some less.


  1. Very pretty, Mrs. G. We were visiting Allison up in Bland County and they had about a half an inch on the ground and we came home to about an inch or so on the ground, but you hit the jackpot! I know how badly you've been wanting a good snow, you Yankee you! :O)

  2. You have become a true Southerner with "glorious snow." Up North we are saying "no more snow." - Mrs. C