Thursday, January 22, 2009

Contented Pigs

Mr. G rigged up the heat lamp so the little guys wouldn't feel cold. When I went to check on them, I didn't know whether they had died from the heat, or from the cold! I was convinced that they had died, however. Fern is the black and white pig whose legs are sticking out. Wilbur is golden and I have no idea which part of him is actually in the picture...

As I stared at them, wondering how I would dispose of the bodies, I heard loud snoring and saw the rise and fall of the little piggy sides. They were especially zonked out after the move and the settling in under the heat lamp. Honestly, the best stress relief in the world (I know that Mr. G thinks it's baby goats) is happy pigs! A goat is happy in his own, exuberant, carefree way, but a pig has a deeper, more serious level of contentment.

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