Thursday, January 22, 2009

My nemesis, the doorknob.

First thing this morning, I was informed by my ten year old farm helper that the door to the shed was locked. Sure enough, it was.
I had a few temper tantrums about it. First at the kiddos for locking it, then at the door, then at the chickens who were crowding and scolding me about late breakfast.
I tried all the keys I could get my hands on, to no avail.
I finally had the bright idea to run to the feed store and buy more corn.
The weather was so warm I had the window open on the drive (only the driver window, as every van I've ever had has a broken regulator in the passenger's side.)
The farmers who were also at the feed store made me remember how blessed we are to live in a place where people still have old fashioned values, and a smile through any adversity (and I think that the adversity these real farmers face is a little worse than my locked door.) On the way home, I was glad that the door incident had happened so I could take the time out to have the nice drive and short visit.

I wish I could report to you that I've absorbed a deep spiritual truth from the days' trials.

For people who wanted to see me, I hope that I'm still recognizable! I'll be explaining in my next post just exaclty how a woman can achieve a weight of 188.5 pounds effortlessly...

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