Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally Back to Normal School Routines

Here are some happy kids, learning math and writing.
It's kinda fun to be back into the swing of routines and a boring day with no particualr place to go.
My goal is to get the kitchen spotless by the time Big Daddy gets in. Miss B is decluttering clothing right now, and we're hoping to get a handle on laundry soon.
We made our own laundry soap and it rocks! I'll blog about it next time we have to make a batch. It really is economical, and it really does work!
I'll post a photo of my kitchen if I accomplish my goal.


  1. geez, the kids are really cute ... and really growing up! all kids here on the up and up. have fun cleaning ... and i don't want to see a spot when you're done!!

  2. they do look happy...mine usually have a scowl. Maybe we need to come visit you all more often...