Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey, we're unschooling ; )

This week we've had so many unusual forays that we're veritable unschoolers! Fortunately, tomorrow's high temp will be 25, so we can focus on our studies, intead of rattling off a quick worksheet in every subject then running out of the house.
Since this blog is supposed to have homeschooling as a theme, I'll share some of our favorite curriculums...
Math U See! Whether you homeschool or not, you owe it to yourself and your children to check out Steve has worksheet generators and an online drill, even if you don't buy the books. All three girls love math now that we switched back to mathusee.

Life of Fred. But we don't do the math, we read it and laugh till we wet our pants. If you're loking for "living" math, here it is.

Oxford Latin. We're just starting this week- looks way more interesting than Memoria Press. And now the girls and I will both be speaking "Classical" Latin, phew.

The Roman Mysteries, but Caroline Lawrence. Thses are bringing Ancient Rome to life for us in a painless way. After we read her exciting stories about four friends, we follow up with wikipedia articles and netfix documentaries.

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