Friday, March 27, 2009

Drain Cleaning

You'll notice the beautiful hair on all of our daughters. That's the hair that's not in the sink drain. Yet.
I'm about to go clean the "J trap" with directions from the Internet. Now I can keep up with people in California who have scary drain issues. My rechargeable batteries are recharging, so if my findings in the drain aren't nightmare inducing, R rated content, I'll post my work.
Spell check says that Internet is spelled with a capital I. I never knew...
Did any of you know that it's a proper noun? I'd like to find out how to take surveys on here because I also want to know how many of you think my poor orchard will live after the goats got to it and stripped all the bark yesterday. I'll show that when I have batteries too.
Wish me luck...


  1. do you really mean "wish the goats luck?"

  2. Oh, no. Goats in the orchard. That is really terrible. That just hurts! On the brighter side, your daughters are really beautiful! I have five kids, too, but the older three are adopted, so I don't quite get all the credit...I did a three year long homschool for the older ones, which really helped us to bond. Then my son begged to homeschool, and it was a nightmare. We both decided public school was a better option, but I still think about it, and wish I had the resources to make it work. Inner resources, you know.