Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flat Stanley in Viginia!

Here's our guest from Pittsburgh, Pa. Flat Stanley. He's here for a visit and some sight seeing, then back to his K-8 schoolroom to tell about the Virginia experience. Probably there will be lots more Confederate converts after he makes his report back home.
Here's Stanley ice skating at the La Haye center at Liberty University.
Aren't those a pretty bunch of skaters with him?

Well, I've gotten new batteries. But they need charged up already. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging at my usual rapid pace soon.

Tomorrow we go up to the big city to pick up my little dog, Scott. A wonderful family adopted him from me a couple months ago, but he's been a hankerin' to get back to the woods, so off we go to retrieve the retriever.

Today is my friend Sam's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sam! Double digits, woohoo!

PS Flat Stanley is a small, fictional boy made of paper at the bottom of the photo.

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