Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A new appreciation for electricity!

Outside my window is a winter wonderland that I can enjoy more fully having had a shower.
The last two days were so much fun, well, maybe fun's not the right word, but they were definitely educational.
There's something rewarding about being self sufficient, even if it's only for two days. I liken it to the toddler in us all saying, "I do it myself!" Even though it's clearly not as efficient.
We're also more aware of what we need to do in order to be more fully equipped for emergencies. My first goal is to buy an Alpaca cook stove. I'll use it outdoors for canning in hot weather too. I'm wondering if I can use the shed to do canning since it'll have shade and no breeze to blow out my propane fires.
My good friend Laura had sent me a link on how to make my well work without electricity, and wouldn't you know, I glanced at it without really reading it. Now I get to go back and find it!
Becky's going to make lots of plain candles. They were wonderful! They burn for over 45 hours, and you can actually just let it burn all night without any trouble. Gotta love soy candles.

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