Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Bumper Crop of Rocks

We decided to go collect some of the rocks that are just sitting there on the ground in our pasture. Well, about five feet out from where we started, here's the result. If only quartz were valuable...
We'll have to do a nature study on these rocks and why they're here, on top of our field. Speaking of nature study, I'm going to do a rare and unusual thing and talk about homeschooling! (This applies to non homeschooling parents as well.)
Karen Andreola has written some books which I think are excellent to encourage the Christian homeschool mom in her work. The first is The Charlotte Mason Companion. Karen sums up Charlotte's revolutionary educational theory for us in a quaint and cozy volume.
The second is Pocketful of Pinecones. I read this when I still lived in Leesburg, and it (plus The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery) inspired us to move to the country! Pocketful walks you through the FAQs of nature study and nature notebooks as recommended by Miss Mason.
The study of nature is one of the best parts of home educating. Children thrive on lots of fresh air and discovery. Nature study provides both! That Charlotte Mason sure knew what she was doing.

Now I realize I need to learn how to put links to Amazon and these books over on the side, so that you can buy them and make me a millionaire.

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