Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sheep Haircut Day

Last year, we lead Cotton (the tame pet sheep) into the house, and wild and crazy Shirley followed her right in.
This year, we weren't so fortunate.
Shirley ran around the farm in a panic all morning, being herded by five human Border Collies.
We finally tricked her into the 10x10 and got her captured and put in the trunk of the mini van to go to the Amish boys for beautification.

Hopefully, we'll receive a phone call later saying that the sheep have military style haircuts and mani-pedis.
I'll try to post an "after" photo later today.
I left the camera out in the heavy rain the other day, so I'm expecting it to give up the ghost any time now. So far, so good though. Maybe I got more than I paid for when I spent $78 on this technological marvel of a camera.

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