Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Landscaping. Again.

Since the goats had gotten loose and eaten the Otto Luyken Laurel from last attempt, here we go again.
We never did like the plants that the landscape architect chose for us, so at least now we're planting stuff we actually want.
Instead of laurel, we planted euonymus, variegated and refreshing. I've always wanted a tea olive because of the fragrance, so in the corner by the front porch (bottom photo)is an osmanthus. I think I'll get another one for the other side of that window.
If you look closely, you can see that I planted a companion plant behind it- Joe houndog.
I wanted a tall pyramidal shrub for the corner, and was thinking of a Nellie R. Stevens holly, but fortunately Lowe's didn't have one, so I got an arborvitae. I think I'm going to add another one next to the blue princess holly next to the one that's just been planted.
The girls like the arborvitae. They call it "the cedar tree."


  1. Gosh, it looks absolutely beautiful! I have landscape envy. The arborvitae get gigantic quickly. My grandma had them and they are so beautiful. I don't know if the Laurel will come back but you really shouldn't plant a Scott. It is nothing but a weed and won't add anything to the Laurel. :)

  2. How soon until your 20 acre lawn needs mowed?