Friday, January 1, 2010

All American Canner

Thanks to a wealthy donor, I'm the proud owner of an All American pressure canner.
I am now capable of canning chili, stew, meat, and 14 quarts of anything I want to all at one time.
Becky's out with friends for the night, and the rest of us are going to start the new year with high adventure. We're eating over at Gretchen's.
Thanks, FSD and Beach Momma, for the gift. I'm making some Gingerfish so I can ship you a token thanks of soap.


  1. That's a very impressive canner. Lucky you.

  2. I want one--a wealthy donor, that is.

  3. I want a canner! (and a wealthy donor.) That's a super one! I will be getting one this spring and reading your posts on canning.