Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maria's Calf

Looks like another boy was born today.
I would hate to be born in this weather, but this little fellow is as happy as can be.
So now we have 4 cows:

2 heifers (girls who haven't had calves):
M.C.(as in MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This")and Margaret.

And 3 baby boys.

Plus Captain Wentworth, who's out on loan, soon to be visiting the butcher.

And Elizabeth is expecting pretty soon. Gee, I wonder if it will be a boy?


  1. What a cute calf. It looks freezing there. I told spinster today that it was cold out here also, but she had no sympathy for me :).

  2. I hate it that these cows have their babies out there in the weather instead of the shed, which they have access to.
    It is windy and bitter. I have to purchase two horse blankets today. Mr. B is using one that's too small for him from the neighbors, and Lib just needs a raincoat for wind and rain. This is unprecedented cold! I'm hoping for a big, warm, cozy barn by next winter!

  3. I guess your brother has his work all set up for the next visit.