Saturday, January 9, 2010


Our Amish friends gave us some deer meat. Foolishly, I forgot I had the means to tenderize the meat via the pressure canner, so I told him to just give us a little. Next time I'll know better.
As you can see, we're up at the crack of noon, industrially cutting meat.
Here's Mr. canner, hungrily waiting for us to finish. Becky is way better at cutting up meat into 1 inch pieces than I am. Those white things are pieces of onion in the jars.
I wish my friend Karen had been a little more graphic about processing venison in her post:
But the fact that she did it and posted about it was enough encouragement to get me started. Thanks Karen.
Update to follow. If I don't blow up the kitchen. Or house.

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  1. You're welcome. I got the directions off the internet, as usual. I hope it went well. It's pretty easy isn't it? It just takes time to cut it all up. You were lucky to have a helper.