Thursday, January 14, 2010

Math with Teaching Textbooks

As I blog, the two big girls are taking placement tests for a new math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks, by the Sabouris.
We love Math U See, but I'm having a hard time helping Mr. Demme to teach them when they're stumped. Normally, extra math help came from Big Dan, but he's been tired every evening and hasn't the time to help out on a regular basis now.
As I perused the CBD catalog last night, I felt compelled to look more closely at Teaching Textbooks, since the Andreola family recommends them.
As you can see from the photo, we started trying out sample lessons on the computer right away.
Katie is tickled about the "buddy" they give her in Math 4, a penguin stuck in a block of ice.
Choosing to go to TT will be more costly than I'd like, but if it makes our days go more smoothly, and the math concepts more attainable, I'll go for it.
If anyone reading this has experience with this curriculum, please give me feedback.
Fat Dad, you may want to look online just to see how awesome our choices are for DIY schooling.

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