Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing Possum

The Wonderdog, Snowflake, alerted me to a predator this afternoon.
I grabbed the .22 and a clip, and went to check out the situation, hoping it was a snake or other small creature, rather than a bear.
As I went to investigate, Joe Houndog and the others followed me.
That was bad luck for Mr. Possum.
Joe and another dog, oddly I don't recall which, grabbed two different ends and pulled.
I photographed the poor dead creature for you.
Afterwards, I talked to Elaine at , who explained to me that when they play dead, possums actually look, well, um, dead.
These pictures are:
Snowflake eating some of the carion Mr. Possum came out for.
Snowflake looking at the possum.
The poor "dead" possum.


  1. colin says he knows possums play dead b/c of curious george ,,, he thinks you should watch the show. Mrs. C

  2. Colin, if I had a tv monitor, I would watch that show!
    In the meantime, I found out that Mr. Possum is STILL alive! He made his getaway!

  3. I would like for you to keep him alive until I come to visit -- Nephy-pew