Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here is the place where the first blueberry sticks are planted. Ok, they aren't really the first. I had planted some last year and didn't follow directions. They were dead before you could blink. But this time I'm going to acidify their soil like a good girl. That gas can in the photo has nothing to do with the acidifying plan. It was just there and I was in a hurry so I didn't move it first. Mr. G tilled peat moss into the bed before the plants arrived, and is mulching with the plentiful pine needles for the acid.
You probably think I have imaginary plant friends, but to prove that there are such things as scraggly looking blueberry plants in that bed, I took a close up for you. Cute, isn't it? It will be wonderful indeed to have fresh blueberries!

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  1. Ho wlong before you get berries from a young new bush? Do you know how long it takes to get them from bushes grown from cuttings?