Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Thankfully, Miss K's belly pain has let up quite a bit. For now, at least. If anyone needs to know what works for colitis: aloe vera, slippery elm, DGL, bromelain, papaya chews, probiotics, kombucha tea, and TLC.

Tonight is windy. Miss L says, "It's Windsday!" A cold front is almost upon us, but for now, the windows are flung open wide and the stirred up warm air makes us feel all excited inside. The jets are flying over too, which helps the ambiance along.
The best part of the night is that the big girls are doing the milking for me.

I know this is a poor quality photo, but I ran out of batteries as I took it, and I wanted to show you the cute kid feeling better, outside, with bare feet and a beagle.
The door is still wide open- and no bugs yet!
Now Miss L is having a yogurt out there with the aforementioned beagle.

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