Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Candles

Here are the few candles that Miss B made today. Lilac, Rose, and Bird of Paradise.


  1. these are gorgeous, Ms. B. Good enough to eat, I'd say! Makes me want to either go for an easter egg hunt or eat marshmellow peeps! Great job!

  2. Miss B. we are burning our last candle today. It is the blueberry one we picked up. We are going to need to order some more.

  3. We will happily send you more after the shipment arrives next week.
    Why is it so hard to post a comment? I have to go through National Security and it's my own blog! How annoying.
    Becky will send you a list by email of available candles and you can let her know which ones you want to try. The lilac is amazingly realistic and heady.
    I'm switching to real names now, as you see.