Saturday, February 14, 2009

Really Boring Blog Entry Unless You're Family or Close Friend, and Even Then Still Pretty Dull

Today was a red letter day for minimizing roosters! Mr. G and I went to the Amish stand to buy some cookies for the baby shower I was attending. We saw some people buying hens from the Amish, so I asked if they wanted free roosters, and they did! They should be here to pick them up in a few days. So there will be less crowing overnight, I hope. More good news: we sold 13 hens yesterday.
Also, when we went to the feed store, we ran into an old friend who just happens to have a boy goat of my breeding, still intact, and available for stud. Now I can advertise my lady goats as does who are going to freshen. It amazes me just a little that this friend and her goat had slipped my mind. I did notice that the kids and I had been thinking of this particular friend a whole lot lately, but even though I think my brain was trying to get me to make the connection between the friend and the goat, it didn't click. That's one of the benefits of being over 40, I guess.
Mr. G is working hard on the chicken incarceration house and yard. It will be nice to have less chicken souvenirs on my porches. In case anyone wonders why I would downsize chickens, and therefore downsize eggs, last summer got out of hand with egg production and egg hiding. I ended up constantly finding rotten eggs. "Constantly" in this sense meaning "twice". But even finding rotten eggs once makes quite an impression.

We plan to introduce the baby goats to the electric fence one by one, and turn them out to the big fields, while penning the pigs where the garden will be- in the old goat enclosure.

I'm hoping to have a huge and well maintained garden this year, hence all the imprisoning of various and sundry farm animals.

Miss K is feeling loads better, but still has the occasional flare up of colitis. I think I suffer more than she does with it! Why can't life just flow smoothly and painlessly every day?

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