Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Musical Beds

Bummer. This is what I found in Mama Bear's bed tonight when I went in to read Jane Austen and fall asleep.
Big Daddy got suckered into "come and rest with me in the bed" from the littlest baby. That left the big babies to gather in MY side of the bed.
That'll learn me to get to bed sooner. I thought I was feeling too rough to go and milk tonight, so instead I've been playing computer solitaire. Now I realize that nobody's so sick that they can't spend ten minutes doing their chores.
Aha, this photo was taken in darkness. Funny what a flash can do.
So off I go to milk the goats. Hopefully they'll milk through at the same rate until #6 freshens (has her kid(s).
Soon I'll post how to milk a goat and how to make cheese the way I do all things, the easy way.


  1. oops. Did you kick the girls out or sleep in their bed? I liked the look of glee from Miss K when she picked up the lo mein noodle. Valiant effort. Great blog.