Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

In spite of the fact that the littlest kid is still suffering off and on with debilitating stomach pains, we're having one of those "good homeschool days."
The weather is springlike and the mood is cheerful amongst the girls. So far, we've gotten laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, and some decluttering finished.
The big girls are assembling extra winter supplies and outgrown winter clothing to take to the local clothing exchange. One of the happiest results of the economic downturn is the renewal of bartering and cooperation. I've seen lots more charity than I've seen greed.

Is it time to put away the Christmas tree yet? I guess if Mr. G, who had to sleep on the couch across from Miss K once again, feels up to it, it'll be the attic for the fake tree.

Here's a surprising fact: According to spellcheck, "decluttering" is not a word. Who knew?

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