Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Baby Boy

Young Colin fell fast asleep on my lap today. Until he heard Gretchen's voice and leaped like a gazelle into her arms. Traitor.
Also, a picture of Aunty Spinster carrying her little niecey-poo on her back.
Please don't report us for elder abuse!


  1. Mom, don't tell Becky that I'm going to tell the truth of the picture of Gretchen holding up Becky.
    It's fake!
    Do you know where the shooting range is down at cub creek?
    Well, Becky climbed up on the post and sat on it. And Gretchen stood in front of her. Then Becky swung her legs over.
    It was a wide picture at first, but Becky shrank it to look like Gretchen was holding Becky on her shoulders!
    -Laura G.

  2. Thanks a lot, Laura.
    It only took us a mile of walking to figure out how to make that picture look believable!

  3. Oh Sponge Bob, how could you? It was just an innocent prank. Actually I never thought your mom would buy it for a second, but I am stronger than I look. Also I didn't think it would make it to the blog. Well now I know who I can trust with secrets. Lesson learned ;)