Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Hiking

The old Spinster and all of the children went on a hike. Here are some scenes from the day.


  1. I took all the pictures and i don't get credit. Just kidding!
    -Laura G.

  2. So who takes better pictures? Becky or Laura? Not that I'm trying to start a sibling rivalry or anything. I would never do that! :)

  3. Both, of course! Katie's not too shabby at photography either. She did a lot of snow photos last year.
    I think Becky is good at close-ups of people and Laura seems to really have an eye. Laura is extremely artistic and Becky is also artistic.
    All three of mine are amazing to me. They're abundantly talented.
    I'm so happy, by the way, about Nutmeg and Echo. You are an answer to my prayers!