Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Little Ducks

I love to watch the ducks swimming in their lake. Isn't this peaceful and relaxing?


  1. What is it they are swimming in? They have so much room! My poor Pekins just have a kiddie swimming pool. :(

  2. Laura, I call it "the big white thing." I think it's a molasses tub for a large herd of cows. The feed store was selling two of them for $25 to make room, so we got them. You know, "just in case..."
    Well, ducks were the answer to why we would need the big white things.
    The red lids for the big white things make merry-go-rounds for the kids. They tied a lead rope to it and spin each other till they turn green.
    Those tubs were a heck of a bargain : )

  3. Oh, Laura, I just got caught up on your blog today. I loved every post! I like your new colors, too.