Sunday, October 10, 2010

Library Weekend

Here are two out of four library volunteers.
The girls and I get to open the library and read for three hours one Saturday a month. This was our first week.
We sure know how to party here in Charlotte County!


  1. I know you are on the East Coast, but exactly how many Saturday's a week do you get? Out here we only get the one. You guys are so lucky!

  2. Yep, it's like the time difference, we have a day difference too. We get loads more Saturdays a week then the west coast. Is it worth the snow? Hmm.
    Anyway, what a humiliating mistake. I may go back and edit it. But then our comments won't make sense.
    Eitehr way I end up looking like an idiot : (

  3. You know your not an idiot. Just the opposite, so when I catch a mistake, I know your human and not a cyborg like someone else we know.