Monday, October 25, 2010

Opposite of Funny

This is what I found as I turned down the covers at midnight.
But in a ironic twist, my shriek upon finding the terrifying purple lizard scared Becky in her room. So that part turned out to be funny after all.


  1. He can't be real. Can he? If he is, how did he get there? If he isn't, who planted him? I hate to admit to having a large black plastic ant that I freak my hubby out with on occasion. So I feel both for you and the prankster.

  2. You are correct, Laura, he can't be real. He is in fact rubber. Colin brought him to town and Becky put him under my covers.
    Sheesh, I don't know where that kid got her propensity for pulling cruel practical jokes!

  3. I do! And Grandfather will remain nameless. In a house full of boys this is an everyday occurrence so I guess you just need to be desensitized.