Monday, October 18, 2010

Brush Fire!

As we worked on regrouping in subtraction, Katie kept pestering me about a big fire up the road. I told her, "It's just the neighbor burning trash."
She interrupted a few minutes later to point out that this wasn't a trash fire.
I told her, "I'm sure it's a controlled burn. Now let's get back to the work page."
She finally insisted that we check on the source of the smoke.
Lo and behold, it was a brush fire and it was heading our way! It was heading all ways, as a matter of fact.
Fortunately school was very close to being done, so the fact that we spent the next few hours talking to all the neighbors and then the Southside Messenger reporter didn't interrupt our day.
If anyone thinks that their metropolitan life is more exciting than good ole Charlotte County living, you couldn't be more wrong. The boondocks got it going on!

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